End of Summer

Rain was forecast for yesterday and it arrived. I didn’t wear a coat, but as I pointed out to Chris Cribbs is mainly indoors. I did look at a red raincoat in Hobbs but wasn’t sure. In the end I didn’t buy anything but that’s normal for me, I was tempted by a dress in sale but already it has turned cold and the tie-dyed blue dress did not have the appeal it had in light, sunny days. Driving home the automatic windscreen wipers occasionally went frantic as they tried to ensure my vision.

Today has been changeable but still colder. I managed to locate problem on washing machine with Kieran’s help. Water gushing from side made me fear that pump was problem but it’s the waste pipe. After clearing machine’s pipe from glunk there was still a problem with cracked U-bend, plumber will need to fix that though. 


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