An affectionate cat who is missed by all the family


Bella on Chris’s hand to stop him moving away.

The call on Saturday morning was a shock, After asking everyone to close windows when cat was in on Friday night, when I came upstairs windows were open and no cat. Despite calls and window open all night she did not come home, the call revealed why? Due to implanted microchip we now know she was involved in traffic incident on New Barn Lane and was dead on arrival at vets in Woodmancote. I had hoped that she would not venture beyond the two gardens which separate us from New Barn Lane, which is not a lane but a main road. I guess that after being caged up for six months the freedom was intoxicating, I hope she was happy in our time with us. I have never known a gentler cat.

This morning I thought I hear the thump of her jumping onto bathroom floor. I still look up and expect to see Smudge looking through the glass living room door. So now the house will be haunted by two cats.


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