Cheltenham Literature Festival 2014

First shift as volunteer and I was in the Garden Festival theatre where Michael Rosen held two sessions. The first was with school children where he developed a fantastic  rapport with the children. The second was with the public where he was being interviewed by another author, Lucy Atkins. In this session he was talking about developing your child’s natural curiosity to not only enhance their knowledge of the world, but develop their self-esteem.  Afterwards I escorted him to the book tent for the signing. I spent quite a bit of time talking to Lucy, she hadn’t really been introduced as an author in her own right so the public were unaware of her book. It was her first book and she’d set it in British Columbian where she lived for a while. Michael had a long queue of people but he dealt with everyone as individuals, even remembering the people who had asked questions when he was on stage. After the signing I walked him to the writers room and his hotel, which was near to where I parked the car. He was tired as he was in Manchester yesterday and Leicester the day before, however he did say he liked seeing different parts of the country.


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