New Year

I have started the year with a virus, not a good start. It is already January 8th and the tree is still up! The upside is that I have been writing and researching the medieval period. Maybe watching programmes on building castles and enduring childbirth in medieval times is not the scholastic approach but it is easier on the eye, especially as my head aches if I move about too much.

The story has not flowed the way I intended. Helena should have married Richard and ridden off to a life in France, instead she has married his brother and found her own happiness. Then I brought Richard back into her life but the words to bring them together did not come, instead I felt her fear at losing everything she cares for.

I am back to concentrating on scenes and seeing if I can actually produce a readable book. So far it amounts to 25,000 words plus additional pages scribbled down.


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