I have a hiatus hernia, this name conjures up the image of an erotic flower, however it is in fact a damaged valve which causes acid reflex. It makes itself known to me in various ways. Spicy food is a no-no, causing heart-burn, often at night when horizontal. Likewise, eating late will bring regrets. However, the worse is when it causes food to block. I am trying to determine why this  occurs at some meals and not others. I know stress can cause it; rushing to get food on the table, calling others to dine and watching it go cold, or being forced to wait for others will all result in the hernia refusing to allow the food to continue its journey to my stomach. Thus food eaten starts its journey as normal then, after a short while, I will develop a pain in my chest and become unable to eat, coughing will occur with a lot of salvia being regurgitated until finally the food reverses its journey and the chest pain eases, but I am unable to resume my meal. If I suspect a problem will occur I have taken tablets, especially when eating out. But at other times I have no idea it will happen. Meat does seem to be the main culprit. A recent buffet had me only eating the vegetarian options which resulted in no reflux. However, I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables,  I dislike pulses and even raw fruit can be a problem. Meanwhile, I am concerned that the food items which does not cause problems are not healthy ones; cake, desserts, chocolate!

As the main shopper and cook for the family I need to look at food, plan meals and prepare it daily. This does allow me choice but there are days when I would rather not even think about food!


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