Short film

Long Shot

Room is a living room, a woman is sitting on a sofa, the television is on, she is not watching it. She is upset and has a tissue in her hand.

A man walks in with a tablet (electronic) in his hand, as he enters the room she pushes the tissue under a cushion. He walks forward offering the i-pad.

Woman (angrily) – I don’t wish to speak to you at the moment.

Man pushes tablet towards her pointing to screen.

Woman – If that says ‘sorry’ I’ll throw it against the wall

Man sighs, and moves tablet back toward him,

Shot over his shoulder

we see ‘sorry’ written on screen. He erases and writes ‘don’t do this’

Shot from her viewpoint.

he lifts the tablet to show her, smiling apologetically.

Close shot on her.

She reads and begins to cry.

Shot returns to her viewpoint. He erases the screen and writes ‘ OK I will do it’ and shows her.

Woman – You promise

Man nods.

Long Shot

Woman stands up, smiling, and hugs him. He kisses her. She gives him a letter.

Woman – I know you can do it.

Man smiles at her and nods. He moves back from her and leaves room

She sits down smiling and starts to watch television.


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