The head of an Actor.

I hope image shows as I have failed to find a way to just download it.  I saw it the other day and felt unsettled by it and I was not sure why? Anyway it has played on my mind, so here are my thoughts. It would be weird, but kind of wonderful, to see an art exhibition of various actors head-casts.

I find this image of the actor disturbing. It has a death mask quality, yet it is non-human only consisting of an image of self. Unlike a photo, or painting, it is strangely still. Devoid of hair and emotional expression it is not recognisable as the person whose form it is. It’s paleness reminiscent; of death, of ghosts, an other worldliness of existence. It is also hollow, consisting only of the skin of its model, there is little substance to it. However, like a photo it capture a person at a moment in time; the brow is clear of lines, the jawline strong, facially still lean and taut. Others may disagree but for me it is a very blank image, no doubt that is the creator’s intention, and for an actor a gift to work with. A blank canvass ready for the creation of a new character.

It looks as if only way to see is to click on link.


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