RAmused: RAndom Acts of Kindness #RAndomAoK Day 9

Weather today caught me by surprise, having gone back to jeans and full-sleeved jumper in last few days only exchanged for short-sleeved top to find I had to open sun-roof and side windows, summer may be back ūüôā People are happier when sun shines.

Decided to plant cut-price clematis today, I brought it a week ago,¬†and went into shed, only to hear a¬†strange flappy sound. Images of horror movies from my teens descended, then noticed¬† a large moth caught inside plastic covering. Luckily my son’s movie ‘insect’¬†experience was ‘Bugs Life’ and ‘Antz’ and he developed a keen interest in creepy crawlies.¬†He was able to free the moth for me. Last seen flying high. ¬†Plant now in garden where it will either thrive¬†or disappear without trace!

After finishing my shopping today I was leaving store and noticed an elegantly dressed, elderly lady making her way to lifts. I do not know who programmed these lifts, but for three lifts going between only one floor they behave very oddly. The lady pushed the button causing the full lift she couldn’t see to open. This closed and disappeared. No button is now lit and she is waiting patiently for¬†a door to open. I went over and spoke to her and pressed button, weirdly the door next to me actually opened straight away as if I were a magician! She was very grateful. I just wished I had complimented her on her attire.

Now, I am going to look at night sky and see if this Blue Moon is visible tonight. I am disappointed that it is unlikely to actually be blue, but more likely to be red, colour depends on air¬†quality. ¬†It is the second full moon in¬†this month and the origin of saying ‘once in a blue moon’ but not sure why referred to us ‘blue’,


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