RAmused: RAndom Acts of Kindness #RAndomAoK Day 10

Today is my son’s 25th birthday, a quarter of a century!  Time really does slip away without you noticing and all you leave behind you are memories, making  it so important to ensure more are good than bad.

Today was definitely a good day. I was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness.  I was in queue waiting to pay in M&S and a customer at the front turned to the queue and offered her ‘friends’ 20% off vouchers to us. I took one and so did my husband, then I saw mine was ‘multiple use’ so we gave our extra voucher to a couple who joined the queue behind us.

I also gave money to the colourful, Peruvian, pan-pipe busker outside store. I couldn’t help wondering if it was worth the air fare to come over to England to busk. However, a group seem to come over to us every summer, maybe it’s an exchange thing with us sending one of our buskers to Peru.



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