RAmused: RAndom Acts of Kindness #RAndomAoK Day 13, 14 & 15

I have got a bit distracted formatting print copy of my book and kept logging off forgetting to update.

Day 13 was Tuesday so took Dad shopping. Sorry, I find car-cleaning people a nuisance as one came up suddenly when I was reversing and I hit post! I hope Chris doesn’t read this! Anyway, that was probably my main chance to help a stranger today and I forfeited. Stayed at Dad’s for a while chatting and reset his phone for him so that alarm no longer rings in morning.

Day 14 took Kieran into town. Paid in Declan’s cheques for him as he kept forgetting. I gave busker playing saxophone some money, I like the sound of a sax and he was pretty good.

Day 15 aka today. I guess when I said today was not a day to take on the world as it was raining, I wasn’t setting myself up for a good day! Nothing too bad happened just little niggling things. When I came out of Waitrose to put shopping in car and then remembered my main reason for going in was to get prescription made up I knew it was time to calm it. Hence, sitting in Waitrose listening to one-minute mindfulness app on phone, it seemed to work.

Everywhere is a lot quieter than usual, which seem to make most people relaxed and wanting to exchange a few words.  Roads are not too bad and traffic lighter than normal. I guess a lot of people are on holiday this week.


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