RAmused: RAndom Acts of Kindness #RAndomAoK Day 27

I have been on holiday, hence lack of updates. Besides reading that insurance companies are checking if victims of break-ins social-media accounts are advertising their absence, my next-door neighbour was recently broken into and money taken. Therefore I have not posted whilst aboard.

We went to Spain for my nephew’s wedding. We shared an amazing villa with my husband’s two brothers and their families. Swimming pool, hot tub, an oasis with lily ponds in an acrid environment where we had red kites and vultures flying over-head.

Once again I seem to have received more acts of kindness than I have provided to others. After Chris damaged his calf muscle playing football with younger members of family, I thought I would have to drive up (and I mean up!) bumpy dirt-track road in hired car which was left-hand drive, manual and under-powered, and came out on up-hill junction on sharp bend. A few years ago I would have accepted the challenge, nowadays I feel less than confident. As it turned out my brothers-in-law drove, the road becoming more bumpy as the week progressed! Cars were so dusty the hire company asked Greg if he’d been rallying in his!

I did help with the BBQ and managed to light the fire, but someone had to start things going else we’d have been eating at midnight! Not a particular fan of BBQed food so ensured things were cooked thoroughly.

There are beggars in Spain, including a man standing by trolleys at supermarket and collect euros as people returned them, ‘to feed his children’.  He received ours.

I did give money to young man busking in Malaga, on Sunday morning as we looked around city for breakfast. He was singing and accompanied himself on a guitar, and was really quite good.

One of the highlights of the week was seeing the cousins getting the chance to get to know each other as we are a bit spread out in England and Greg’s children lived in France for a number of years. Hopefully, we will get together again, as we get older I feel it is  important that family contacts are maintained.

The wedding was beautiful, and was the first I have ever attended in the open-air. The words were so much more personal than the church service we had and the use of recorded music in the ceremony, again, added to the feeling that the couple were committed to the ceremony that marks the start of their life together. The bride looked lovely, and the groom looked at her with love in his eyes which her eyes returned to him. Family and friends were relaxed in each other’s company and we danced, surrounded by fairy lights, till midnight, under a star-lit sky. A memorable day!

Image is of ‘new bridge’ in Ronda, which was further up hills then we were, but I have not taken many photos this holiday. It was part of the Grand Tour and one of Earnest Hemmingway’s favourite places.


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