RAmused: RAndom Acts of Kindness #RAndomAoK last day

When I took up this challenge I thought I would find more opportunities to help others, instead I have noticed the kindness of others more. I hope I have helped some others along the way.

Today’s image is a medieval wall-painting of St Christopher, it was believed that seeing an image of this saint protected the view from sudden death on that day. He is painted extremely tall and has Christ on his left shoulder (probably because the heart is on this side of the body). I did donate to Hailes Church where this and other images decorate walls.

I am going to make a cake for my friend’s BBQ tomorrow. When I asked if I needed to bring anything I expected it to be a bottle not a home-made lime and coconut cake, I just hope it turns out alright.

I am also going to donate to cyberbullying, thinking of 4 squared as amount, but gift aid will add to it, corrupting figure.

Be kind and kindness will find it’s way back to you.


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