August Bank Holiday

It’s raining! It rained yesterday but at least the sun shone. Yesterday I went to Suffolk Street Market, there were so few people there I felt sorry for the stall-holders and organisers. As I walked through Montpelier Gardens an idea for a story began to build. I’ve been researching for my next medieval novel and knowing the number of immortalities that occurred beginning to consider killing some of my darlings. As summer ends I have also been thinking about Beach Houses; painted blue and decorated in white. Stepping out of its door and onto beach, the sound of the ocean as you sleep. I can’t afford one but I’d love to stay in one, although not on a day like today. Anyway, a story has come together; characters, plot, bits of dialogue the whole caboodle! It’s a contemporary thriller/murder mystery. Now all I need to do is get it from my head onto paper before the doubts creep up.

Random act of kindness. As I was crossing the road yesterday an elderly man asked  the  woman in front of me something, but she just walked off without replying. He looked so lost that I asked him if I could help, he only wanted directions to the Town Hall and was very grateful I could help him.


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