What idiot would try to write two books at same time?

Having got the idea of ‘The Beach House’ down in print I have been busy writing, nearly 10,000 words and more in waking notebook. I actually write best at night but Chris thinks sleeping is a better option. When I wake up I often have headful of stuff; dialogue, or a plot device, or a whole scene. In past I would wait till I had got-up, bathed and dressed, and then settle down to write only to find, like the morning mist I once saw, they had gone! Nowadays, if possible, I sit and scribble them down. Then I work them into the novel when I’m ready.

My other book was on the back-burner with a list of research I had to do and books to be read to help time-fix the novel. Then I read an article on one of my Facebook sites which opened up a new possibility for the direction of my characters lives. So I have restarted work on this novel!

They are very different stories and I am enjoying writing them both. I did notice one of my favourite authors is currently working on two books. Both of hers are in historical fiction genre. I am glad mine are separated by time and theme.


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